UGVCL Bill Payment Receipt | How to View, Download and Print

It is important to keep receipts for all payments made online. Sometimes it is difficult to get payment receipts for utility bill payments when you are paying online. But in the case of Uttar Gujrat Vij, it is so easy to view, download and print the UGVCL bill payment receipt for the last payment you made online using the consumer number.

UGVCL Bill Payment Receipt – View and Download Using The Consumer Number

To view and download your latest Uttar Gujrat electricity bill payment receipt, you have to go to the UGVCL bill information system first. Follow the below link to go to the Uttar Gujrat Vij bill information system.

Go to UGVCL Bill Info Page

UGVCL Bill Info


On this page,

  1. Type your Uttar Gujarat Vij consumer number
  2. Type the security code
  3. Click Search


UGVCL Bill Receipt


You can now see your consumer details registered with UGVCL. To download your latest UGVCL bill payment receipt, click “Click Here to Download Payment Receipt”

The latest Uttar Gujarat Vij bill payment receipt will be downloaded to your computer / mobile device as a PDF file.


UGVCL Bill Payment Receipt PDF – Viewing and Printing

To view the bill payment receipt, open the downloaded PDF file.

UGVCL Payment Receipt PDF


You can now see the receipt on the screen. To print the bill payment receipt, click the Print button on the top.


How do I download old UGVCL bills?

For viewing your previous/old bills, you have to sign up for an account on the UGVCL website first. You can use this link to register an account on the UGVCL website. If you already have an account, you can log in to your account using your username and password. After logging in, you can view your bill payment history and previous/old UGVCL bills from your account dashboard.

How do I download old UGVCL bill payment receipts?

Registration and logging into your account on the UGVCL website are required for viewing and downloading old UGVCL receipts.

You can use the following link for registration and logging in.

For registration:  UGVCL Registration

For logging in: UGVCL Login

After logging in, you can view your previous/old UGVCL bill payment receipts from your account dashboard.

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