How to View & Download NDMC Water/Electricity Bill Duplicate Copy

Are you a resident of New Delhi? Are you a consumer of New Delhi Municipal Council utilities? Did you know that you can check, view, and download NDMC water and electricity bill duplicate copy for up to 8 years?.  Yes, you can view, print, and download the latest and previous/old NDMC water bill and NDMC electricity bill duplicate copy from the official NDMC website – You don’t have to create an account or log in to your account to view and download your water and electricity bills. You can do this through the NDMC bill view page using your NDMC EP ID/ Consumer number.

NDMC Bill View – Viewing NDMC Water/Electricity Bills

The website of the New Delhi Municipal Council is a great resource for every consumer of NDMC. If you are a consumer, you can do almost everything related to NDMC by yourself through the website. Viewing and downloading the latest and old NDMC electricity and water bills is one of them. You can download your previous electricity and water bills for up to eight years using the bill view page. Follow the below link to visit the bill view page on the official NDMC website.

Go to the NDMC bill view page

NDMC Bill View Water and Electricity

Type your NDMC consumer Number or EP ID on the first box.

Viewing and Downloading the Latest Bill

To download the most recent NDMC water/electricity bill duplicate copy, you don’t need to select the month or year. Click the Submit button after typing your consumer no/EP ID but without selecting the month/year to view your latest bill.

Downloading Old NDMC Bill Duplicate Copy

To view and download the duplicate copy of your previous bills, you have to select the month of the bill after filling up your consumer number/EP ID. After that, click the Submit button to continue.

NDMC Water Electricity Bill Details

You can now see the details of your bill for the selected month. For a detailed view of the bill, click the View Bill image.


NDMC Bill Duplicate Copy Download

It will open another browser window with a detailed view of your electricity/water bill.

Downloading NDMC Bill Duplicate Copy as a PDF Document

To download the duplicate copy of the bill in pdf format, click the Download button on the top of the bill view window (please refer to the above image). It will download the bill shown on the window to your computer/mobile device as a pdf document. You can view the downloaded bill at any time by double-clicking on the file.

Printing New Delhi Municipal Council Electricity/Water Bill

If you have a printer connected to your computer, you can print the bill on an A4 size paper directly from the bill view page without downloading it. For making a hard copy, click on the Printer button on the top of the bill view window (refer to the above image)

How to pay NDMC Bill Online

You can pay your NDMC bills online in multiple ways. The easiest way is to pay through the official website without logging in. For a detailed guide, click here:  How to pay the New Delhi Municipal Council bill online?

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