KSFE Quick Pay – Chitty Online Payment and Unique ID Registration Procedure

The Kerala State Financial Enterprises Limited (KSFE) is a Chit fund and loan company, owned by the Government of Kerala. It was established in 1969. They are engaged primarily in conducting various types of chitties for the people of Kerala residing in India or abroad. Recently, they have introduced an e-collection system to do the KSFE online payment. Now, every chitty holder of KSFE can pay their monthly chitty amount using the official e-collection website of KSFE –  https://ksfeonline.com

KSFE Unique ID Registration For Online Payment – Quick Pay

For making KSFE online payment, you should register yourself with your details for receiving a Unique ID. The KSFE Unique ID is mandatory for making the chitty payment online. Follow the below link to register your unique id.

Go to KSFE Unique ID Registration

KSFE Unique ID Registration


This is the screenshot of the KSFE unique ID registration form. Fill up all the details and click the Submit button to submit the details.

You can’t pay your chitty amount instantly after submitting your details. You have to wait for some days to receive your Unique ID. After processing your request, KSFE will send you your Unique ID via SMS within 3-4 days.


After receiving your ID, you can do the KSFE bill payment online with the unique ID.

KSFE Quick Pay Through ksfeonline.com – Pay KSFE Chitty using Net Banking, Debit Card, and UPI

Follow the below link to visit the KSFE chitty e-collection page.

Go to the KSFE Online Bill Payment Site

KSFE Online Payment www.ksfe.com


On this page,

  1. Select your branch name
  2. Select your chitty number
  3. Type your chittal number
  4. Type the chittal name. The name of the chitty holder – at least the first 4 characters
  5. Type the code on the image
  6. Click the Search Button.


ksfeonline.com Chitty Online Payment Details


You can now see your chitty details including the payable amount. To continue with the chitty payment,

  1. Type the amount you want to pay
  2. Check the I accept terms and conditions checkbox
  3. Click Pay Button


ksfe.com Online Payment

You can select the payment gateway on the next page. At present, there is only one gateway is listed. So you don’t have to select anything.

Click the Confirm button to go to the next step.


Payment Final

You can select the payment method you want to use on the next page. There are three types of payment methods available for paying the chitty amount online.

  1. UPI (Unified Payment Interface) – Payment using UPI-enabled apps such as Google Pay, Amazon pay, PhonePe, etc.
  2. Internet Banking – You can use the internet banking service of almost all banks such as SBI, HDFC, Axis Bank, Federal Bank, ICICI, etc.
  3. Debit Card

You can’t pay your chitty using a credit card.

After selecting the payment method and filling in all the required details, click Pay. It will redirect you to the payment page. You can finalize the transaction there.

KSFE Chitty Payment – Frequently Asked Questions 

How to download the KSFE chitty payment receipt?

You can download your Kerala State Financial Enterprises chitty payment receipt in PDF format from the e-collection website of the KSFE using the same procedure that you have used to pay your chitty installment online. For a detailed guide, click here: How to download & print the KSFE payment receipt online?

What to do if the chitty online payment failed but the money got debited from your account?

Payments can fail due to several reasons. Network issues, browser issues, etc are the most common causes of failed transactions. If the transaction failed and your account got debited, do not try to make the payment again. Contact ecollection@ksfe.com immediately to resolve the issue.

Can I pay my Chitty using a Credit Card?

No, you cannot pay your KSFE chitty amount using a credit card, no matter whether you are making the payment online or offline.

Is there a mobile app for KSFE online payment?

At present, there is no mobile app to do the KSFE chitty bill payment. Online services of the KSFE are still in their childhood phase. Let’s expect that KSFE will develop such a mobile application in the future.

Can I do KSFE online payment through SBI?

Yes, of course. SBI is the largest and most used bank in India. You can do KSFE online payment through SBI internet banking, using an SBI debit card and SBI UPI.

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