DJB Duplicate Bill – View,Print and Download Delhi Jal Board Water Bill Copy Online

DJB – Delhi Jal Board is the major water supply provider in Delhi NCR. Consumers of Delhi Jal Board can pay their water bills using the official website of DJB- Downloading and printing the latest DJB duplicate bill is also possible on the DJB website. You can do this without doing any registration on the DJB website.

Viewing DJB Duplicate Bill Online

To get a duplicate bill without logging in, all you need is your DJB K Number. If you don’t know your K Number, refer your previous DJB water bills, it will be there. Otherwise, you can get your DJB KNO from the DJB website itself by entering your details such as your zone, meter number, area, etc.

Follow the below link to visit the DJB bill view page in Delhi Jal Board official website.

Goto DJB Bill View page

DJB Bill View

This is the bill view page on DJB official website. On this page, type your 10 digit DJB KNO, after that, type the captcha text shown in the image also.

After typing DJB KNO and captcha text, click View Bill to view your water bill.

DJB Duplicate Bill View

Downloading Delhi Jal Board Duplicate Bill in PDF Format

You can see a table with details of your latest bill. For downloading your water bill, click on the PDF icon on the right side. Your DJB bill in PDF format will be downloaded to your computer.

DJB Duplicate Bill Copy

Viewing and Printing the Downloaded Bill PDF

For viewing your DJB water bill, you need a pdf viewer application. Many pdf viewer software such as Adobe acrobat reader, Foxit reader, etc are available on the internet free of cost. You can use any of them to view your DJB water bill. If you have a pdf viewer installed on your computer, you can view your DJB duplicate bill by double-clicking the downloaded PDF file. If you have Google Chrome browser on your computer, there is no need to install other PDF viewer application. You can view the downloaded PDF file in the browser itself. You can take a printout of the DJB duplicate bill or can keep the file on your computer if you need any future references.

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